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The Tower w. Kambaba Jasper

The Tower w. Kambaba Jasper

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THE TOWER card in tarot represents the beauty of destruction. The necessary crumbling required for excellence to arise. Sudden change and chaos creates space for peace and light to enter.

Kambaba Jasper: Kambaba stone is a fossil of prehistoric age. It is fossilized algae which gives the stone its blue-green swirls and black spots. The ancient stone is a reminder of life in the past, present, and future. It promotes peace, tranquility, and fertility. Many people choose to use this stone in meditation and spiritual practice due to the stone’s deep connection to life.

All bracelets are handmade with love and intention. All tarot cards charms are gold plated brass. All gemstone beads are authentic crystals cut and polished into beads. To keep your bracelet in the best shape, keep away from moisture, do not wear it in the shower or near water, and maintain it with lots of love and care.

Size S: 6.5 Inches Long, Standard Size

Size M: 7 Inches Long, A More Relaxed Fit Than Standard

Size L: 7.5 Inches Long, A Larger Fit 

*Stone and card not included.

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